Batch 105 Honey Sticks: Oregon Pumpkin Honey Aged in Eastside Distilling Bourbon Barrel


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As a collector of comics (The Uncanny X-Men were my favorite!), I love a good origin story, so coming across a large quantity of pumpkin honey gave me the same giddy feeling as finding a hidden gem in a bargain bin of comics.

The bees gathered nectar and pollen from large yellow pumpkin blossoms, pollinating as they go and turned it into delicious honey. On its own this pumpkin honey tastes like caramelized sweet pie pumpkin dusted with brown sugar, but there’s an underlying earthiness that keeps it from being overly sweet on the palate. My local apiary, Mickleberry Garden had a single barrel of this pumpkin honey and I played with the idea of only getting a few hundred pounds, but from the first taste I knew I couldn’t let this go anywhere but into a couple of special barrels. Batch 105 was aged in a bourbon barrel from our local giant Eastside Distilling. This bourbon had that corn oily sweetness, with notes of toast and butterscotch, oak and vanilla.

This batch is sure to sell out fast so get your order in as soon as possible.

Honey Sticks have 5 honey sticks per pack. Minimun purchase of 3 packs required if only purchasing honey sticks. No minimum required if buying other products valued at greater than $14.00.

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