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These beautifully crafted honey dishes are the first of many future collaborative projects between myself and the talented artist and craftsperson, Miranda Trostle of Sego Lily Pottery

This little dish was the answer to serving honey with my cheese plates or as a condiment on a the table. It removes the awkwardness of having to scoop honey with a spoon or knife and placing that sticky utensil onto your plate. I wanted something I could just pick up and dispense my honey onto things. My barrel-aged honey tends to be a little thinner and pours easily and you only need a drizzle to enhance flavor.

Working with Miranda was a pleasure, she took my verbalized ideas and rough sketch and designed this graceful bowl. It was as if she plucked the image out of my head and gave it form. We decided on a glaze that was reminiscent of a golden summer honey.

No two bowls are the same, each is unique and fits perfectly in your cupped hand.

I love these bowls and I know that you will as well.

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