The Barreled Bee, LLC is a  local company  producing small batch barrel-aged honey and procured from local beekeepers and apiaries. Our goal is to showcase the very best our local terrior and bees can produce.

Our founder Lee is an avid homebrewer, mead and hobby winemaker, who turned their hobby into a professional career as a brewer and craft distiller. She’s excited to wring as much glorious flavor from simple ingredients and learn new skills along the way. When she was just starting her homebrewing journey, it was mead that was her first attempt at fermentation. To ask her what she loves to make and why she’ll say it’s a tie between beer and mead, and it’s because she can use honey in both. Honey has always held a special place for her, with its complexity, and strong flavors and versatility. All it takes is tasting the same varietal of honey from different sources to know the land and understand that it a reflection of that place at a particular time. Bees are genius chemists and the terrarior they explore is uniquely translated into a language we can understand on the level of pure feeling.

Over the years Lee has developed many interests and projects and experimented with different types of fermementation and has been fortunate to explore her ideas and dream big and this new venture is no different.  What started as an idea after a spoonful of honey in a cidermaker’s kitchen, was nurtered and built upon and slowly picked up momentum. As ideas and problems are being worked through we are working to continue to document the wonder and hardwork we are putting into every aspect of this project. The bulk of Lee’s days are spent at work in a local distillery, tending to barrels of brandy, whiskey, and rum, as well as distilling the raw ingredients that will eventually make their way into those barrels. Her off days are spent working on marketing strategies, product packaging and design, organizing her work and storage space, sourcing honey for the fall, searching for used and new barrels, proofing and cutting down alcohol to go into her own barrels.

Every decision made regarding The Barreled Bee, LLC is guided by the idea that we want to showcase the very best flavors associated with a well-crafted barrel aged spirit and bring them to honey and we want to have a positive impact on the community that supports us. The Barreled Bee, LLC is fortunate to have so many people in the community that are willing to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for this project. We have big plans for the future, including sponsoring beehives and barrels for interested patrons. We will be teaming with local beekeepers to create special barreled batches of honey local neighborhoods as well as learning beekeeping ourselves.

We look forward to sharing our creations with you.