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Blossoming in 2018

I closed out 2017 on a high note, selling out of my first batch of Linden Blossom honey two weeks after our release party. The excitement carried us through the holidays and in January I am back in the midst of planning my next moves. I’ve been working with my friends at Bee & Bloom to educate myself on beekeeping and to plan for my first set of hives to be delivered in May.  I’m look forward to sharing with everyone my journey of beekeeping and honey tasting. As a distiller, I spend a good bit of time watching barrels, and for the most part they don’t do anything amazing from the outside, but on the inside I know so much more is happening, which is why aging honey is so fascinating to me. I like to imagine how the barrels interacted with the spirits in them left a memory in the wood and using honey as a medium I can extract those wooden, but not static, memories and share them with a larger audience. I am excited to work with local distilleries and pair their barrels with some unique and flavorful varietals from local apiaries and urban beekeepers. Besides bottled honey, I have spent the last couple months experimenting with flavoring honey and will be offering a selection of creamed honey products this spring.

The Barreled Bee, LLC is coming up on its one year anniversary and it amazes me how fast a year can go by.  I took this from an inspiration with a kernal of an idea and jumped into learning about creating a product and a business with the gusto of someone with more free time on their hands than I actually had. I have enjoyed every minute of this past year and I look forward to the coming year and sharing more of my journey  with you.


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