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In the Details

We’ve been working fervently for the last two weeks to get the last finishing touches on photos to use for promotion and to have at the forefront of our site for purchase. Although we didn’t realize how stressful it would be waiting for things to get done, we’re holding up well. It’s amazing seeing the building excitement on social media and we can’t wait for sales of the honey to go live.

We’ve spent the last week working on our Instagram game and prepping demo bottles for a photo shoot and test out the label and bottle finishing ideas. A few hours have been spent mixing wax beads together to get the perfect honey gold color that was going to be the main wax color. Later it was decided to make that color the accent color and go with a simple black wax dip for the overall bottle dip. Searching the aisles we have noticed that small bottles didn’t always have the room on the labels to put instructions on how to best use the product. One solution: small tags on the bottle neck with either simple words or pictures to convey easy messages and add to the design. So a trip to Michael’s and scouring the shelves for tags, paper and decorative twine took up a whole afternoon. The finished product design kind of blew us all away and the impromptu outdoor pictures to get a quick view of the bottle with a label on it was exciting.

We can’t wait for the finished product to make its debut in November.

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