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Slaying Dragons and Other Obstacles

September flew by faster than expected and continued to be jam packed with activities, deadlines, and a few small bumps in the road to our expected release date. All those things add up to a month of varying levels of excitement, nervousness and panic and a couple wonderful encounters that we want to share with you.

Earlier that month we attended a breakfast meeting hosted  by  SCORE Portland for women small business owners entitled Slaying Dragons: Women Overcome the Challenges of Small Business Ownership. It was the first time, Lee was going to be out representing the business at an event. At a breakfast gathering at OAME in North Portland, there were 70 women in attendance and all were owners of small businesses from Oregon and Washington.

It felt good to be in a room talking about the same issues, struggles and successes and having other business owners to bounce ideas off of and get advice from. A number of networking opportunities and coffee dates arose from that breakfast meeting and we look forward to when we burst onto the food scene here in Portland.


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